The Goof Boys

Today I did the responsible parent thing.  I took the boys for formal type pictures at Picture People.  A while back Groupon had an awesome deal for pictures there so we jumped on it.  It’s been a few years since the last time we had something besides my pictures of the boys.  Ok, so it has been 5 years.  That’s not too long, right?

The boys had a great time trying out all sorts of silly faces and poses and the photographer was great with the boys.  She let them be themselves and then would help them focus in for a good picture.


Then we had the big reveal.  All those amazing photos of 3 of the cutest boys ever.  I sat there looking through them having a hard time deciding which one (I only get one?!) pose to have in the big package.  I kept looking at the goofy ones and loving them, but I knew the responsible decision would be to choose the nice pose.  And it is nice.  The three are standing in a cute little row, hands in pockets, smiling at the camera, looking like the stair step brothers they are.  But there was something missing in that one.

Oh yeah, I know what it was.  The picture didn’t show who they really are.  Fun loving, goofy little characters who love to hang out, laugh and be boys.  I think I’ll probably go back to just using our own pictures.



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