Snapshot Around the World: Train

I love, love, love the idea of being able to see different lives through such simple themes.  The theme for today is train.

I had high hopes for some amazingly artsy picture of a train, but then I realized that would be rather hard to come by seeing as how we live out in the boondocks and I haven’t actually seen a train here other than when I’m in town and the train goes by.  There’s no telling when that happens though.  I could sit there and wait for days.  Meanwhile the man and the boys would wonder what happened to me, all in the name of art.

As we were cleaning out our garage, I came across the old wooden toy set.  Many a moment were spent playing with the wonderful set, but those moments have passed and once more it is time to make a decision, do we keep it or Craigslist it?  So far, it’s still in a box in the piano room awaiting our decision.  I think I’ll let it sit there for a bit longer.  I think I saw one of the boys playing with it the other day.  Yeah, I think I’ll keep it for a bit.

(And lest you think our boys are all grown, they are only 11, 9, and 7…they only think they are too old for trains!)

You can find more trains at Snapshots Around the World.  They’ve got some wonderful perspectives on this theme!


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