Parenting: The Art of Letting Go

When the kids were young, my dad would tell me that parenting is the art of learning to let go.  Over the years, I’ve found that to be true.  Giving birth was also letting go of that close physical connection.  Helping them learn to walk was letting go of the need for lots of carrying.  Each birthday was letting go of the constant cuddles, but not the hugs and the smiles.  Letting the oldest ride his bike to a friends house just up the street…letting go.

Last Sunday was one of those moments.  We sent our oldest off for a week of youth camp with our church youth group.  He was so excited because it meant swimming in a big lake, riding ATVs, paintball, zipline (only he didn’t weigh enough to actually get to go), horseback riding, older kid Bible Studies and time with friends.  Away from Mom and Dad.  He was excited.  We were excited for him, but as the truck drove away with him in it, I knew that this was another step in letting go.


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