When life gives you…

When life drops you 30 pounds of tomatoes, you learn fairly quickly the best way to process them.

Funny story.  True story.  I have a Kitchen Aid mixer with many attachments that have been stored in the “KA attachment drawer” for several years.  Sure, I’ve used the grater for the huge zucchini a friend gave me this year and I’ve always had great plans for the pasta maker, but I didn’t really know what everything else was.   Now, I’ve had all these attachments for about 7 years and they’ve just been sitting there.  So I googled some information about processing tomatoes.  (I’ve also been canning tomatoes for years, but for some reason 30 pounds at one time seemed a bit daunting).  Forum after forum kept talking about how great the KA fruit and vegetable strainer is.  I learned that you don’t have to boil the tomatoes to get the skin to slide off and make a mess of everything in order to get all those pesky seeds out.  So I went and checked.  Sure enough, there it was.  Still in it’s box.  So I got to work.

And the final product:  25 pints of pizza sauce, 8 half pints of ketchup and 10 pints of spaghetti sauce

Then there were the apples that showed up on my front step.  A friend of mine with a small orchard knew I love to can so she gave me 6 very large buckets filled with apples.  I have no idea how many pounds there are, but after making 10 quarts and 5 pints (I ran out of quart jars), I still have 2 1/2 buckets to go.

Oh, and guess what.  That KA attachment that handled the tomatoes?  Yeah, makes applesauce a snap.  Just chop up the apples.  Throw them in a pot seeds, skins and all and cook them down.  Press them through and I’ve got a smooth thick applesauce that the boys love.

I love opening that cupboard and seeing all those jars filled with summertime goodies.  They bring an extra little light to those dark winter days.


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