Wishes 2013 Style

Goodbye 2012.  You were a year of ups and downs. 

I turned 40 and celebrated that with a surprise party and a new keyboard to play with.  A month later, I got reading glasses so I can still see the music.  I become the mom to a teenager.  (Really???  Wasn’t he just a babe in my arms yesterday?)  We traveled to Mexico, Florida and California.  I sense there is a theme of sunshine to our travels.  If you lived where I live, you would search for the sun also.  I’ve learned how to make cheese and expanded my canning repertoire so that we are buying fewer things out of season.  I’ve learned to quilt and crochet.  I’ve connected with other women who are living a simple, more homemade life which is brought me out of my shell just a little.  A very little. 

So, on to 2013…

I don’t do resolutions.  They are usually too big and scary for me or they just seem like little decisions.  Instead, I do wishes so here we go:

*I wish to focus on my faith.  Finding God in all things.  Resting in Him.

*I wish to continue on my path to be healthy and strong physically. 

*I wish to go through the house, room by room and get rid of those things we don’t use or love.  The motto for the year is Use it up or wear it out, make it do or do without.  I will not buy into the materialism that is our society, but live accordingly to what I believe.

*I wish to move on from hurts and forgive even when it hasn’t been asked for.  I want to model that for the boys so that they will learn not carry hurt and anger through their lives.

*I wish to fill our home with joy, laughter, family.

Happy 2013!  May yours be filled with love, laughter and many cherished memories!


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