Keeping Memories

My husband introduced me to the idea of a 10 year journal a couple of years ago.  The basic gist is that each evening you write one sentence in a journal and then turn the page.  When the year is over, you start back at the beginning of the journal and write a sentence for the new year.  That way, after 10 years have gone by, you will have 10 entries under each date.  It sounded like a neat way to watch the years go by and see how our family changes.  Then, I filed the idea away for a rainy day.  Something cool, but never got started.

This year, my best friend had a baby and I started thinking about how fast time flies.  Seriously, I was just holding our firstborn as a tiny baby and here he is 13 now.  I’m really not sure how that happened. When Christmas came I started thinking on something a new mom might find special and the 10 year journal came up.  I googled it and decided I needed to come up with my own thing.  Something a little creative. Image

So I pulled out some index cards and stamped each with a date.  I left off the year so that I could use the space I wanted each year.  Only one date per card which will hopefully leave me with enough space for ten years worth of memories.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I had some month papers leftover from a project a couple of years ago and cut them down to size.  To make them more durable, I laminated them.  (Always looking for a reason to pull out the laminator.) OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Put it all together in a pretty basket.  For my friend’s gift, I added some ribbon and a couple of nice pens so that it would be something quick and easy.  I keep mine on my nightstand and as I climb into bed each night, I think back on the day and something that I want to remember.  It could be a quote from one of the kids.  It could be a special Bible verse.  It could be a special activity.  It could be a quick comment about how I’m feeling.  One day, I only wrote two words, “I’m sick.”  It doesn’t have to be much.

I know the next 10 years will old a lot of changes for our family as the boys will most likely all be moving out.  I have such a bad memory that this will help me look back and remember those little things that have made us who are.


One response to “Keeping Memories

  1. I LOVE this! (I bet it’s one of the best gifts your friend has ever gotten…) 😉

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